Agora Materiae logotype by Viktor Lanneld

Agora Materiae



Hanna Candell

Contribution to a logo contest by and for the graduate school in materials physics of Linköping University.

The concept is based on the name and meaning of the brand. Agora was the central spot in ancient Greek towns, the literal meaning of the word is gathering place or assembly. Materiae is latin for material and is here visualized as being studied through a microscope, showing different kind of particles that together forms a material.

The logotype could therefore be read as different parties (professors, post-graduates and students) of three different fields (represented by the different colours) assemble in one place. And that is precisely what Agora Materiae do.

Agora Materiae business cards by Viktor Lanneld Agora Materiae logotype alt by Viktor Lanneld