Viktor Lanneld is me – a designer in Malmö, Sweden. I work foremost with graphic and interaction design but like to do all kinds of design and communicational jobs: from marketing and editing to product and service design. Feel free to check out some projects I’ve been part of, have a look at some more informal miscellaneous stuff or indulge yourself in more amazing facts about me.

Music in the Key of Life by Viktor Lanneld and Tedde Twetman

Music in the Key of Life

Wedding illustration by Viktor Lanneld

Frida & Viktors Wedding

Bike signage for City of Norrköping by Viktor Lanneld and Vicky Trouerbach

Bike Signage

Lusine Ciùb by Viktor Lanneld and Andreas Hogeland

Lusine Ciub

Fabriken by Viktor Lanneld


Beat12 by Viktor Lanneld


Kårhuset Trappan logotype

Kårhuset Trappan

Agora Materiae by Viktor Lanneld

Agora Materiae

A Clockwork Orange by Viktor Lanneld

Movie posters

36 Days of Type

36 Days of Type

Regno Animalis by Viktor Lanneld

Regno Animalis

Layers by Viktor Lanneld


Currently working for IKEA but available for freelance work in the Öresund region (Malmö, Copenhagen, Lund, Helsingborg…) or wherever thanks the www so feel free to contact me I you're looking for someone to fulfill your graphic dreams, literally!

Graduated from Linköping University with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic design and Communication in June 2014. Formerly studied graphic design and webdesign at Kristianstad University and also newspaper and magazine design at Mid Sweden University (Mittuniversitetet).

Over the years I have worked with brands, companies and organizations such as Miljögården, Arte, Stadium, Kårhuset Trappan, LinTek, and Marrioni.

Movies, snowboarding, typography, making out, ice cream, the sea, bikes and graphic design. That’s some of the stuff I feel passionate about and give me inspiration in life – oh, and my wife and daughter of course!