Beat12 logotype


2012 (Updated 2014)

Deputy Art Director, layout manager


Helene Westrin, Martin Johansson, Elias Aupeix Persson, Stefan Söber

A brand new student festival in Norrköping supported by LinTek (the Union of Technology and Science Students at Linköping University). The festival featured music performances but also an ambition of the participants breaking world records. Restrictions laid in branding the festival as an independent entity but still keep a connection to LinTek.

In charge of the layout and composition, I was responsible for practically everything in print – posters, flyers, banners and the compendium Beat12 Magazine, as well as taking part in all activities within the team.

Beat12 A1-poster by Viktor Lanneld Beat12 hanging banners by Viktor Lanneld Beat12 security badges by Viktor Lanneld Beat12 t-shirt front and back by Viktor Lanneld