LiTHanian logotype

Lithanian 12/13

2012 – 2013

Layout artist, Art Director

Markus Waltré [Editor in Chief], Jessie Cassel [Editor], Elinor Esberg [Writer], Denise Arro [Writer], Sophia Trum [Writer], Emil Ericsson [Columnist], Anton Larsson [Layout manager], Elin Sjulgård [Layout artist], Gustav Zaphf [Photographer], Hanna Candell [Illustrator], Victoria Ovmark [Illustrator]

During the school year 12/13 I was part of LinTeks (the Union of Technology and Science Students at Linköping University) editorial student magazine Lithanian. Me, Anton Larsson and Elin Sjulgård developed a new design for the magazine and then worked together with the editorial staff to produce six issues of the publication.

Here you can browse the magazine – issues #3 2012 through #3 2013 are the ones published under our time there.

LiThanian magazine covers LiThanian magazine covers